Weapons are an important part of Gorn. Here is a list of the weapons. Caestus have their own page.

Name Image Description Unlock
Spiked Mace Just your average mace, deals equal damage to armored and unarmored foes. 5 kills
Sword This one-handed cutting weapon is good at severing the body parts of unarmored foes 5 sword kills
Armor-Breaker This one-handed hammer smashes through armor effortlessly, but has limited reach Break 15 pieces of armor
Flail This one-handed weapon allows for forceful blows at odd angles. You can build momentum by moving it in circles. 5 mace kills
Spear This two-handed weapon has great reach and can impale enemies. You can also bash enemies with the haft. 3 double-kills
Rapier This one-handed weapon can impale enemies. It is fast and good against unarmored foes. Kill The Fencer
Greatsword This two-handed mammoth is a large way to chop down enemies, it is quite slow and good against unarmored enemies.
Great Flail This two handed weapon is a slower, bigger, and more powerful version of the flail. 15 flail kills
Bow This ranged implement will break armor and kill most foes in one headshot! (Exception to The Giant and Achilles) 5 spear Kills
Battleaxe This one-handed axe is great for chopping bare limbs off, fairl;y ineffective against armor. 5 axe kills
Fists Get down and dirty and beat your enemies with your bare hands! Free
Rock Found on the arena floor, good for bashing unarmored skulls in. Free
Boulder This is one massive rock, slow, but good for rolling. 7 rock kills
Great axe A large, two-handed axe, good for unarmored enemies
Nunchucks Embrace your inner ninja and beat your enemies to death with these nunchaku! Does equal damage to armor and flesh
Chainblade Embrace your inner Shaolin Monk and slice your opponents to pieces with this knife on a chain. Pitiful against armor, but does great damage against flesh
Staff Beat people with a big old stick! Better against unarmored foes.
Greathammer This big old hammer will crush your enemies armored and unarmored alike!
Throwing Knife }